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Outdoor activities

Fishing and Hunting

The five swamps that make up this Extremadura area receive fishermen from all over the world every year.

In the case of boat fishing, it is only accessible in the García Sola swamp and there are four companies that provide this service led by French guides who fish pike, perch and barbel with lure and spoon. On the other hand, there are two other German guide companies that are dedicated to carp fishing but without a boat.

River beach in the area of ​​Puerto Peña

This area is the best for fishing pike. In this case a sport fishing is carried out, without death, returning the fish to the water. In addition, it is not fished with live fish but with lure.

The best place in the world to fish black-blass is the García Sola reservoir, where great world championships are held, and that is why people from all over Europe come to this place to fish it


The Iberian Peninsula is considered one of the regions of Europe with the largest number of major and minor game species, only surpassed by some regions in the east of the continent.

Highlights the Cijara game reserve

There are monterias where we can enjoy big game. In these preserves the specimens of wild goat, mouflon, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer and wreck stand out.

On the other hand we also find an impressive variety of specimens for small game: rabbit, hare, fox, red partridge, quail, pigeons such as torcaz or bravia and zurita, scholarship, common thrush, alirrojo, charlo and real, European starling, lapwing, pheasant, magpie, jackdaw, common turtledove, mallard or blue duck, common coot, common crouch, common teal and spoon duck.