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Enjoy in Puebla de Alcocer

Activities available at Balhondo Open Village

Cerro de Masatrigo Trail

Walking route

The hill of Masatrigo, with a perfect pyramid-shaped geological formation, is practically an island in the middle of the reservoir waters. There you can see part of the typical flora of this region such as scrub, olive, holm oak or lavender, among others. There is also part of the ornithological fauna with the white stork, the black stork, the heron or the large cormorant.

This tour offers two alternatives. The first one is in a circular shape, allowing a smoother, less difficult and more accessible route to all interested parties; the second one is linear and faster. In both cases the duration is almost 3 hours.

Lares Fortress Route

Walking route

This route departs from Galizuela, a village located less than 5km by car from Puebla de Alcocer. Those interested will enter through a path of stone walls, and after being able to observe the olive groves, they will reach the ruins of the fortress of Lares Templar origin. During the route you can see the bird species that inhabit this area, such as the griffon vulture, the common crane, the red partridge, the rock plane and many more species.

This trail is of low difficulty and lasts approximately 3 hours.

Seasonal mushroom collection

Walking route

This activity is designed to learn to observe and differentiate the varieties of mushrooms that grow in the environment, as well as their different parts. You can learn which are edible, such as the níscalo, which is much appreciated in gastronomy and its benefits; and which negatively affect the organism.

This route is highly recommended for children, as they will have fun learning, and it lasts 3 hours.

Schedules and Rates of the activities
  • Hours: 10’30 to 13’30
  • Price: € 25 per person

For an activity to be carried out, a group of at least 4 people must be formed.